Mobile Wallet

An easier & more secure way to pay!

Leave your wallet at home! Mobile Wallet is now available with all the rewards, benefits and security of DOLFCU’s credit and debit cards. Make payments with a single touch – in-store, online and in-app.

The benefits of using Mobile Wallet

  • Contactless. Avoid germs with a transaction that is both cashless and minimizes the need to touch shared surfaces.
  • May help reduce fraud. The data store in Mobile Wallets is encrypted, meaning your actual card numbers aren’t transmitted while making a payment.
  • Organization. It can help you organize everything from credit cards, membership cards, customer loyalty cards and more!
  • Saves you time! Pay quickly by holding your phone over the payment terminal and verifying the purchase. Most transactions can be completed in a few seconds.
  • Shop online or on the go… Forget about typing in card numbers when shopping online from your phone. You can pay for some purchases with your Mobile Wallet.

How to add your DOLFCU card to Mobile Wallet

Please follow these instructions to set up and use your DOLFCU Credit and/or Debit Card within the Wallet App on your mobile phone to pay in-store.

Step 1: Add your DOLFCU Credit and/or Debit cards to your the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay App.

Step 2: Look for the contactless symbol in-store as you check out!

Step 3: Hold your phone up to the symbol on the contactless terminal.


To use your Mobile Wallet online and in-app, look for the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay logo (depending on your phone) when you are ready to complete your purchase. Click to login and pay.

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Samsung Pay

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