Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is NOW AVAILABLE through the NEW DOLFCU Mobile Banking App!

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Deposit checks anytime/anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Simply visit the App Store and search for "DOLFCU" to download the free app or visit and click on "Mobile Banking" for a direct link to download the DOLFCU App.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Deposit


What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a service that enables you to make deposits to your accounts from anywhere by using a mobile device from any location with security Internet access.

Do I need to sign an agreement before I can start using Remote Deposit Capture?

You do not need to sign an agreement, but you must agree to the Terms and Conditions for Mobile Deposit to be used.

What devices can I use?

  • All iPhones with a camera and operating system newer than 4.3
  • All iPods with a camera and operating system newer than 4.3
  • Ipad's 3 and 4
  • Any Android device with a camera.

When are items processed?

Items received by DOLFCU by 3:00PM M-F (not including Holiday's) will be credited to your account the same day. There may be a 15 minute delay for review of some items. Items that are transmitted on the weekend or on a Holiday that exceeds the item limit or the daily limit are deemed eligible for review and will be credited on the next business day.

I made a deposit in the morning and got an overdraft fee that day. Why?

This may be due to the fact that the check was over our item limit and was deposited during nonworking hours. We will review the item on the next business day and you will be credited when accepted.

Can I choose the account that I want my deposit to post to?

Yes, you will need to select the checking or savings account you want the deposit to post to, or it will post to the first account on the listing.

What are the fee's for this service?

Mobile Deposit is provided for free to our Members.

Can I view a statement or history of deposits?

Yes, when you are in Mobile Deposit, you will see a "History" link.

What do I do if I have questions about Mobile Deposit?

You can email or you can call (844) 436-5328 or (202) 789-2901.

How many checks can be submitted at a time?

Only one check can be submitted at a time.

Is there a daily limit to the total deposit amount?

Yes, there are some limitations in regards to the amounts to be deposited.

Can multiple deposits be submitted during one day?

Yes. However, there may be limitations in the total deposit balance that you may have.

What do I do with the original check after depositing?

Write on the back of the check the words "Void" or DOLFCU Mobile Deposit" so that you don't accidently try to deposit the item a second time. We recommend that you store the checks in a secure location for a period of at least 60 days, which allows you to refer to the original check if there are any issues with the image quality or returned checks. After that time, dispose of the checks in a secure manner.

How do I know that my check was submitted for deposit?

You will get the message "Check Deposited Successfully". If the item is in review, it would show "Pending".

I scanned a check, and then I received an email instructing me to bring the check into a branch office. Why?

The scanned check was outside the criteria for your account. There can be various reasons for this, but generally it would be due to the check being illegible. Therefore, the check should be brought to one of our branches.

The amount I entered for a deposit is different from the amount I got credit for. Why?

After reviewing the deposited item, it was determined that the amount entered was different from the legal amount on the check. You should refer to the image on your history page in your Mobile Deposit to verify this information. If you still have a question, email us at or call us at (844) 436-5328 or (202) 789-2901.

My transaction says complete, but I don't have a credit in my account. Why?

Throughout the business day, you can confirm your online deposits by going to the History page in Remote Deposit. "Complete" in the Remote Deposit history indicates that the Credit Union's review of the item has been completed. However, the item may be a part of the batch file that has not yet been posted to your account. It could take up to 15 minutes to actually post into your account. Deposits that have been posted will be in the Transaction History on your Remote Deposit Online Banking checking account page.

Is this system secure?

Yes. It is web-based, with 128-bit encryption and secure hosting which means that your transmissions are guarded and the deposits are protected.