Western Union Quick Cash

Cash Transfer through Western Union Quick Cash Service

  • These electronic transfers must be made from your savings account.
  • The money can be sent to an individual payee, not a business or corporation, to over 225,000 Western Union agent locations in over 190 countries and territories around the world that offer counter service.
  • Maximum dollar amount per transaction is $10,000.
  • There is no option to be notified when funds are available for pick-up at the receiving Western Union location.
  • Requests ranging from $1000-$2999.99 require the sender's date of birth and one (1) form of ID.
  • Requests $3,000 and over require the sender's date of birth, social security number, occupation and two (2) forms of ID.
  • The individual picking up the money at Western Union may be asked for the name of the sender. Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU is the sender.

To request Western Union Quick Cash, visit a branch, or call a DOLFCU Member Services Representative at (202) 789-2901.

Note: The fee for outgoing domestic Western Union Quick Cash Service is $20.00 (Domestic), $40.00 (International). See Fee Schedule.