Debit Cards


A FREE DOLFCU Debit Card is included with your checking account. Use it like cash or checks to make purchases by mail, phone, in person, or online. Funds for purchases are deducted directly from your DOLFCU Checking Account.

  • No Transaction Fee for Domestic Purchases
  • It's Safer & More Secure Than Carrying Cash
  • It's Convenient-No Checks To Fill Out
  • No ID Required-No Waiting For Approvals
  • Request Cash Back When Paying For Purchases
  • Opt-in for Overdraft Protection

Use it like an ATM card for 24/7 access at any CO-OP, CUHere, MoneyPass or Alliance One ATM to withdraw cash, obtain balances, transfer between accounts, take an advance on your line of credit, or make deposits. All you need is your PIN.

To request a Debit Card, please open and print the Account Change Card. Fill it out and mail, fax or drop it off at DOLFCU.

Card Fraud Detection Department: Call (202) 789-2901, ext. 2 or contact a Member Services Representative.

Cardholder Disputes

Cardholder reports disputed transaction(s) by contacting DOLFCU at (202) 789-2901 or Disputes Department at (800) 808-6402.

PIN Change / Card Activation

Change Card PIN to your selected PIN from any touch tone phone:
(877) 267-6914

Activate your card using a touch tone phone:
(866) 619-0245

Lost/Stolen Cards

During business hours, report a lost/stolen card:
(202) 789-2901

After-hours & weekends, report a lost/stolen card:
(800) 528-2273

When traveling internationally, report a lost/stolen card:
(812) 647-9794

To report fraud or a dispute transaction:
(800) 808-6402

Let DOLFCU Know Before You Go!

Be sure to contact us if you’re planning to use your DOLFCU debit or credit card during your travel; including overseas. Some countries, states, or unusual card use patterns will trigger "blocks" being placed on your card to prevent fraud and protect your account. This can be an unpleasant surprise if you don’t let DOLFCU know in advance of your travel plans. Contact us anytime at (202) 789-2901, ext. 2 or email with details of your upcoming travel itinerary.