Funds Management

DOLFCU offers a variety of Funds Management Services

We offer Bill Pay, Wire Transfers, Debit Cards, Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction and Overdraft Protection.

Bill Pay

Did you know you can pay your bills online through It’s Me 247?

Simplify Your Life

Looking for an easy way to simplify your life? Bill Pay Bill Payment and Bill Presentment can help you do just that. With Bill Pay, you can receive and pay your bills online with the click of a mouse from your DOLFCU checking account via It’s Me 247.

There is no additional sign on procedure or password to remember – just click Pay Bills while in It’s Me 247. Bill Pay is fast, secure, convenient…and easy!

Pay any bill online… including your house payment, your credit card company – even your babysitter – at any time, from anywhere.

Receive your bills electronically… Sears, Visa, MasterCard, and Verizon are just a few of the companies from which you can choose to receive e-bills. And the list is growing every day. (Follow the instructions under the “Sign Up to Receive E-Bills” link on the Bill Pay screen to begin receiving e-bills.)

Use your voice to pay your bills… The new iPay QuickPay℠ skill lets you use your Alexa-enabled device to pay bills. iPay QuickPay is an easy and secure way to pay your cell phone, utility, cable bills… and more. Once you’ve activated the skill, iPay QuickPay lets you use the technology in your Alexa-enabled device to pay bills:

  • Without a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • With a secure, personal passcode
  • While you’re busy doing other things around the house

It’s convenient and completely secure. Best of all, you can pay bills anytime just by saying, “Alexa, start iPay QuickPay.” For set-up and frequently asked questions, click here.

Other Bill Pay features:

  • Authorize checks to be sent to anyone – for anything from babysitting to birthdays
  • Set up recurring payments – like mortgage and car payments or insurance premiums
  • Schedule payments at your convenience – processing will not begin until the date you assign
  • Pay bills quickly – schedule a same- or next-day payment (for selected billers)
  • View a register of payment history
  • Monitor the status of your payments any time – stop wondering if your payment was received
  • Download transaction data into personal financial software such as Quicken or Microsoft Money

How to Enroll

To enroll, simply log in to It’s Me 247 as usual and click the Pay Bills link from the main menu. Step-by-step point and click instructions will guide you through enrollment and setup. After allowing for processing (approximately 24-48 hours), you’ll be ready to go. Just come back to It’s Me 247 and click the Pay Bills link again!

If you do not see the Pay Bills link on the It’s Me 247 main menu, contact a Member Services Representative and ask for Bill Pay to be enabled! (Remember that you can use the Request a Contact button on the Main Menu to ask a credit union member service representative to contact you!)

A2A Transfer

Account to Account (A2A) Transfers are Now Available!

Make transfers from your DOLFCU account to your account at another financial institution.*

It's Simple to Get Started!

Please complete this A2A form and submit it, along with a copy of a valid ID to You may also contact Member Services.

How to Make an A2A Transfer Using It's Me 247 Online Banking

Once you have set submitted the A2A form, please follow the steps shown in this video to make a transfer using It's Me247 Online Banking.

How to Make an A2A Transfer Using DOLFCU's Mobile App

Follow these instructions to make an A2A transfer using the DOLFCU mobile app.

How to Complete A2A Transfers Using the Mobile App

This is just one more way we're making it easier to manage your finances.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please refer to the authorization form for details.

Wire Transfers

How do I send or receive wire transfers?

To wire funds into an account at DOLFCU, please provide the following information to the other financial institution.

Written fees authorization is required to send both domestic and international wires. Fees apply and vary by type of wire transfer.  See Fee Schedule.

Wire Funds To:

  • Name: Vizo Financial Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Address: 7900 Triad Center Dr. Suite 410 Greensboro, North Carolina 27409
  • ABA: 231 387 550

Further Credit To:

  • Name: Department of Labor FCU
  • Address: 200 Constitution Ave. NW Washington, DC 20210
  • Account Number: 254 074 426 101 00

Final Credit To:

  • Member’s Name DOLFCU
  • Account Number

Neither DOLFCU or our Affiliate Vizo Financial use a Swift Code/IBAN for international wires. Due to this, the financial institution initiating the wire must send the funds through their own Correspondent Bank in the United States and it is up to the financial institution sending the wire to use the Swift Code/IBAN belonging to the that particular Correspondent Bank. All other incoming wire instructions remain the same.

Debit Card

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Why waste time standing in line to deposit your payroll check? With DOLFCU's Direct Deposit option you can have your entire paycheck directly deposited into the Checking or Savings account of your choice. We accept direct deposit of all payrolls, including Social Security, Civil Service and Military Retirement Benefits.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, contact your payroll department and provide DOLFCU's Routing and Transit number - 254074426 - and your member number.


Payroll Deduction

You can also elect to have portions of your paycheck automatically sent to different DOLFCU deposit and loan accounts. This can help you make savings "automatic" each month and you can change your deduction options anytime.

To set up Payroll Deduction, emailvisit a branch, or call a DOLFCU Member Services Representative at (202) 789-2901.

Credit Review

Schedule your appointment for a FREE Credit Review!

Now is a great time to review your finances and ensure you are on the right track toward achieving your long-term goals. DOLFCU is here to help with a Credit Review.

We’ll help walk you through your latest credit report, providing tips along the way, so you can improve your score and save money!

Schedule your Credit Review today!

Stop by a branch or complete the form below, to schedule your Credit Review, which can be conducted in person or over the phone.

Overdraft Protection

 Overdraft Coverage Options

With our busy lives, it’s easy to make mistakes such as forgetting to deposit a check, make a transfer, or deduct your last debit charge from your balance. A simple error or balance miscalculation can lead to an unexpected shortage of funds.

Have peace of mind knowing your checking account is covered when the unexpected happens. Your choices for Overdraft Protection include:

  • Savings Transfer
  • Line of Credit
  • Overdraft Privilege

Choose which option works best for you!

Savings Account Transfer

Set up Overdraft Protection Transfer from another eligible DOLFCU Share Account. In the event of an overdraft, available funds will be automatically transferred to your checking account to cover the overdraft. (Transfer Limits - Up to six (6) per month for Savings, up to three (3) per month for Money Market.) Please contact us to set up this option.

Line of Credit

An overdraft Line of Credit is a loan attached to your checking account. Any overdrafts on your account may be paid by the Line of Credit. You will be charged interest and you must repay the loan. This may be less expensive than the other options for paying overdrafts. A line of credit is subject to normal credit approval guidelines. Please contact us for more details.

Overdraft Privilege

Even if you have Overdraft Protection, Overdraft Privilege is still available as additional coverage if your other protection sources are exhausted.Overdraft Privilege is not a Line of Credit; however, if you inadvertently overdraw your account, we will have the discretion to pay the overdraft, subject to your Overdraft Privilege.

These options apply to checks and ACH transactions; and DOLFCU can only pay overdrafts for ATM or everyday debit card transactions if you have given us consent to extend coverage for payment of these overdrafts.

  • We will charge you a fee of up to $30 each time we pay an overdraft if your account is overdrawn more than $10.
  • We will not charge you a fee if your account is overdrawn by $10 or less on any given day.
  • There is a maximum of 5 Overdraft Fees and no limit of NSF fees per day on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.
  • You have a maximum of 32 days to bring the account back to positive status.

If you would like to select this Overdraft Privilege Extended Coverage to cover ATM and everyday debit card transactions, simply complete this Opt In Consent Form and:

  • Mail to PO Box 51, Merrifield, VA 22116
  • Return in person to one of our branch locations
  • Email your request to Opt In
  • Call or text us your request to Opt In to (202) 789-2901.

If you have questions or concerns about Overdraft Protection, simply emailvisit a branch, or call a DOLFCU Member Service Representative at (202) 789-2901.

Accounts will be charged the standard Overdraft fee of $30 for handling each overdraft created by check, ACH, Point-of-Sale, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic item that is paid and $30 for items returned. An overdrawn balance must be repaid within 32 days. We may not pay items under your Overdraft Privilege if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing your account to a positive balance within every thirty-two (32) day period for a minimum of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or other obligation to DOLFCU or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.

If an item is returned because the available balance in your account is not sufficient to cover the item and the item is presented for payment again, Department of Labor Federal Credit Union will charge a return item fee each time it returns the item because it exceeds the available balance in your account. If, on representment of the item, the available balance in your account is sufficient to cover the item Department of Labor Federal Credit Union may pay the item, and, if payment causes an overdraft, charge an overdraft fee.


Money Management Tools

Do You Fit in One of these Categories?

Nice try, but…
You try to balance your checkbook using pencil and paper, but find it frustrating and have difficulty making the numbers agree.

See No Evil
You avoid the frustration altogether by ignoring your monthly statement altogether,  using the institution’s balance, or keeping an approximation in your head.

If you fit one of these categories, DOLFCU has Money Management Tools available to help you balance your checkbook, establish a budget, and identify strategies to reduce debt and save!

For more information on effective money management and financial fitness, consider this list of helpful online references and resources.