DOLFCU Now Offers MobiMoney™ to help You Monitor and Manage Your Card From Your Smart Phone

Consistent Control. Constantly Secure.

Put your card and your phone together, and you have MobiMoney™, the mobile app to manage your card anywhere, anytime. From spending limits to transaction alerts, MobiMoney™ comes with real time card controls to help keep your money safe. Another free benefit for members of DOLFCU!

Add a new card

Transaction alerts

Card on/off

Location controls

Spending controls

Watch this video to learn more or download the MobiMoney app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

General Fraud Prevention Tips

Never share account information or your PIN number with anyone. Before you make any large withdrawals or add someone new to your account, take a moment and think about some of the fraud warning signs listed below. If any of these are true in your situation, stop now:

  • Has a “new friend” or acquaintance asked you to add them to your credit union account?
  • Are you withdrawing a large amount of cash to “help” someone you do not know well or assist with an emergency situation you have not verified?
  • Have you received an offer that is asking you to pay for a “prize” or “gift”?
  • Have you entered a “foreign lottery” or been asked to wire money to someone you don’t know?
  • Does anything simply feel strange or seem too good to be true about a situation involving money?

If you are EVER unsure, stop AND take time to think before withdrawing cash. Click for additional tips on ID Theft Protection and Fraud Prevention.

Let DOLFCU Know Before You Go!
Be sure to contact us if you’re planning to use your DOLFCU debit or credit card during your travel; including overseas. Some countries, states, or unusual card use patterns will trigger "blocks" being placed on your card to prevent fraud and protect your account. This can be an unpleasant surprise if you don’t let DOLFCU know in advance of your travel plans. Contact us at (202)789-2901, ext. 2 or email with details of your upcoming travel itinerary.

Card Fraud Detection Department: Contact (202)789-2901, ext. 2 or email with details.

Cardholder Disputes: Report disputed or fraudulent ATM/Debit Card transaction(s) by contacting Fraud and Dispute Resolution Department at (800) 808-6402.