Card Controls

Enable the Card Control Feature within your Labor CU App

You can now manage your credit and debit cards from the Labor CU mobile app.

Once your mobile app is updated, the Card Controls feature will be available.  Select Manage My Cards from the "More" menu. (You will be required to login to your account.)

New Feature on DOLFCU Mobile App - Card Controls

Click "Get Started" to enable this feature. Once you are on the Manage My Cards screen, you will see your cards. Select a card to see recent activity and temporarily lock/unlock your cards.

Welcome to Card Controls

Locking Credit or Debit Cards

From the Card Summary screen, you can temporarily lock your credit and debit cards associated with an account. This process will be identical for
credit and debit cards.

Temporarily locking your account prevents new purchases but does not cancel your card. Before locking, note the following:

  • If you lost your card, report it stolen (see contact numbers below)
  • Your account number will not change
  • Continue to pay your bill and manage your account

When you successfully lock your card, you will be able to see the locked status with a red lock icon. If you locate your card and want to reactivate it, you can return here to do so.

The locked status will be shown on both the Card Summary and Manage Cards screens.

Lost/Stolen Cards

If you lose your card or have it stolen, you must call to request having it canceled. A menu option will populate with the correct phone numbers to call depending on what type of card you have. You may also refer to the following list of contacts:

During business hours, report a lost/stolen card:
(833) 933-1681

After-hours & weekends report, a lost/stolen card:
(800) 528-2273

When traveling internationally, report a lost/stolen card:
(812) 647-9794

To report fraud or dispute a transaction:
(866) 279-1399

To respond to a fraud notification:
(855) 961-1602

Note: Any card that is cancelled will no longer appear in your Card Control feature.