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Take some of the guesswork out of your financial decisions with these useful online calculators.

They’ll help you estimate everything from potential loan payments to how much you need to save to become a millionaire.

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The Coindexter Club

Teaching Kids About Money

Welcome to Econopolis

Never before has a children’s website been so much fun and so beneficial! is an online, virtual world that parents will be glad for their child to visit. The Coindexter Club sets the new standard for financial literacy among 6-12 year olds. By teaching children how to earn, save, spend, manage and even invest money, they’ll learn to be financially responsible adults.

The Coindexter Club immerses children in the exciting and educational world of Econopolis where they learn how to earn, save, spend, manage and invest money. The unique virtual world of Econopolis allows children to explore and advance at their own pace while learning valuable money lessons.

Watch the game trailer!

To learn more, visit!