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1 ELTV requirements apply to qualify for deferral. Interest accumulates during any deferment. All accounts of obligor must be in good standing to receive incentive. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges based on credit. For borrowers with excellent credit a 60-month vehicle loan of $20,000 at 5.50% APR would have 60 monthly payments of $382. Your rate and payment may vary. Approvals based on credit and vehicle condition. Refi’s mirror term and cosigners of current loan.  Eligible model years 2015-2023, maximum LTV restrictions may apply based on MSRP of new vehicles and the NADA retail value of used vehicles. Collateral insurance required for life of loan. Labor CU auto loans ineligible for offer. Other restrictions may apply. Labor CU reserves the right to end this program at any time and terms are subject to change without notice. Contact us for details. Equal Opportunity Lender.

2 When you refinance 2 or more car loans with Labor CU, you will receive a .25pt discount on each car. Rate subject to floor rate 5.50%.

3 Skip-A-Pay (SAP) is an optional consumer loan program to defer one monthly payment for a fee, currently $20 for online skipped payment or $30 for employee assisted skipped payment. Loans must be open for at least 1 year and be current to be eligible for SAP. Other SAP qualifications apply. Interest accrues during and after payment deferral at loan contract rate. Deferring payment(s) results in higher finance charges and extension of loan term. Payments must be resumed the month following a skipped payment. LCU has the right to limit the number of skips per loan. SAP program terms and conditions subject to change at any time.

*Not all members will qualify for 45-Day payment deferment. Interest will continue to accrue for the entire payment deferment period. Deferred payments may not exceed 45 days. Contact us for details. Equal Opportunity Lender.