StretchPay Loans

If cash is tight and payday is too far away, turn to DOLFCU!

We're here to help you with our short-term loan called StretchPay. It's easy to qualify* and can help you save money by avoiding the high rates and fees of payday lenders or check cashing outlets. Request your StretchPay Loan today to start taking advantage of the following benefits:

  • Easy to qualify*
  • Low 18% APR** - saving you money compared with the high rates and fees of payday lenders or check cashing outlets
  • Small annual enrollment fee!
    • $35 for a $350 loan limit, or
    • $70 for a $500 loan limit, or
    • $120 for a $750 loan limit
  • Borrow as often as you want up to your loan limit***! No additional fees, paperwork or hassle!
  • Can help build strong credit

Certain restrictions apply. *To qualify, you must be a member of Labor CU for at least 120 days, have direct deposit of income, have no delinquent Labor CU accounts, and not be in the process of filing for bankruptcy. **APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Finance charges on a 30-day $500 StretchPay loan are $7.40. Loan fee for commercial payday lender charging $15 per $100 borrowed is $150 for $500 borrowed over two 14-day terms. ***Advances must be paid in full prior to additional advances. Other conditions apply.

If eligible for overdraft privilege the limit will be reduced by the limit of the Stretch Pay not to exceed an aggregate limit of $1,000. Example: A member with a Stretch Pay Loan limit of $350 will have a maximum ODP limit of $650 if the account qualifies for this privilege.