First Time Home Buying Grant

Make First Time Home Buying a Reality Program

Family Holding Home

Has receiving the keys to your perfect home been something you’ve always dreamed of? Feel like the dream of home ownership is out of reach? We would like to help you fulfill that dream!

We will award four members a $12,500 down payment grant* towards their dream home. We will assist from start to finish, as they find and finance their new homes through DOLFCU.

We see this is as an important step in providing you with a foundation of financial success and security. We know what you're working for we are working for you!


Grants will be given to four households who meet the eligibility criteria defined below:

  • Gross Annual Income (Proof of Income Required)

    Not to Exceed: Single $75,000 | Joint $100,000

  • Credit Score: 700 or below

  • First Time Home Buyer  

  • Written Statement (Max 500 words):  Describe what homeownership means to you and what is preventing you from buying your first home. How will a $12,500 down payment towards your first home purchase help your family?


*Submission of any images/photos will disqualify applicant *

Applications due by January 31st, 2022

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