Final Slate of Candidates

As a member of DOLFCU, Your Financial Cooperative,
you have the privilege of electing your volunteer
Board of Directors.

To give every member a chance to vote and keep election costs low, we are offering three voting methods. You may choose to vote online, by telephone or by requesting a paper ballot.

The 2021 Election will begin
Friday, May 20 @ 12:01am and run through
Monday, June 6, 2022 @ 11:59pm.

The DOLFCU Nominating Committee has named Briana Dolejsi, Webster Coleman, and Robert Moore III to run for 2 vacancies on the 2022 DOLFCU Board of Directors. The nominated candidates submitted the following biographical information:

Briana Dolejsi (incumbent)

I have been a member of DOLFCU for over thirty years and have been proud to serve on the Board of Directors for nine years, the past three as Vice-Chairman.  At DOL, I was an attorney advisor for two of the review Boards that provided administrative review of the decisions of the Administrative Law Judges under a number of the Acts overseen by DOL.  In this exciting time of credit union expansion, we face new opportunities and challenges, and I believe that I’m in a good position to help steer the course to success.

Webster J. Coleman (incumbent)

Mr. Coleman retired after working for the Department of Labor, Office of The Chief Financial Officer 43 years.  I have performed in areas of Accounting, budget Accounting, Client customer service, System installation, Payroll management and agency representative external to the Department.  I have volunteered as a DOLFCU board member for nine years as Secretary and Treasurer, then seven years as a board Emeritus. I was elected back on the Board again in 2017.  Strong leadership is a coalition of CU personnel and elected committed volunteer’s which translates to successful performance and sustained growth…that is the success story for the DOLFCU.

Robert Moore III

I am Robert E. Moore III, a graduate of Miles College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I have over 10 years of combined experience working with the Department of Labor, Social Security Administration and United Way. Currently, I am a board member for the Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative NW. As a proud member of DOLFCU I have an inside understanding of potential needs and I am committed to help shape the vision, future, and legacy of DOLFCU. I believe that our valued members of DOLFCU deserve to have skilled passionate leadership helping shape DOLFCU for generations to come.

Additional voting instructions will be available Friday, May 20th.

Election results will be announced at the Virtual Annual Meeting,
Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 @ 12pm.