The Future Is Yours: Picture it! Save for it! Share it!

We often look at pictures to remember the past, but are you ready to picture your future?

If you ask your children, they can likely picture a future they would like to live in. Some dream to become doctors and help people, others want to be known for their talent. For children and teenagers, the future brings limitless possibilities. But no matter what their dream is, financial education can be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

The theme for this year’s Youth Month is “The future is yours… Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”. Together, we’re encouraging our youth members to express themselves through photography, sharing their visions for their own financial futures so we can help them get there.

Use of Polaroid images in juxtaposition to photos of accomplished adults in the theme is no coincidence – research shows that when you picture yourself in the future achieving a goal, like becoming a ballet dancer or going to college, saving for it becomes easier.

Start small.

As your credit union, we want to help you teach your children to learn good financial habits. Together we can help them fulfill their dreams no matter big or small. Start small by helping your children save for a toy or other item they want. Then sign them up for a youth savings account where they save for far-off goals.

Additionally, any member (under 18) who makes a deposit into their Savings Account throughout April will be entered in a drawing to win $100.*

Let everyone know how DOLFCU is making a difference in young members’ lives. Use hashtag #CUYouthMonth to share your story.

*The contest winner will be announced online. For complete contest rules and eligibility requirements, contact DOLFCU today. You may emailvisit a branchtext,* or call a DOLFCU Member Services Representative at (844) 436-5328 or (202) 789-2901.