Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is democratically elected by our members. Each DOLFCU member is entitled to one vote, regardless of the amount on deposit with us. The Board of Directors is not financially compensated for their service. They spend hours volunteering their time to ensure that DOLFCU provides the highest level of service.

Dr. Kevin Jackson, Chairman
Briana Fields Dolejsi, Vice-Chairwoman
Jada McCray, Treasurer
Gordon Boyce, Secretary

Alberta Baker, Director
Conchita McDowell Bonner, Director
Webster Coleman, Director
Sandra Falzone, Director
Domonick Miller, Director

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is DOLFCU's independent oversight board. Your Supervisory Committee is composed of volunteers who are members of DOLFCU. Supervisory Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve a two year term. The current Supervisory Committee members are:

Crystal Jordan, Chairwoman
Ann Marie Fitch
Sandra Swinson
Veronica Trevino

If you have concerns of a fiduciary nature, wish to report internal fraud, or have a serious privacy or security concern to which management has failed to respond, you can reach out to the Supervisory Committee. The Committee will respond to you in writing.

You may contact the Supervisory Committee by e-mail, (select "Supervisory Committee" from the drop down), or you may send your concern to:

Department of Labor Federal Credit Union (DOLFCU)
Supervisory Committee
PO Box 51, Merrifield, VA 22116


Thomas Domingue, Chief Executive Officer
Hina Khalid, Chief Financial Officer
Timothy Hickey, Vice President of Operations
Ruth Mauhay, Head of Human Resources
Claudia Moreno, Director of IT and Facilities
Em'mia Hughes, Marketing Trailblazer
Kittie Waltz, Training Coordinator


Arlene Byrd, Accounting Specialist II
Kaseimah Foreman, Accounting Specialist II

Member Services

Michael Freeman, Branch Manager
DaShawn Coleman, Assistant Branch Manager

Mechen Kennedy, Call Center Manager
Navon Burriss, Call Center Representative
Tiana Darden, Call Center Representative
Sandra Welsh, Call Center Representative

Lending Services

Terri Harvey, Lending Manager
Lynne Talon, Loan Underwriter
Sheila Crews, Lending Operations Specialist
Caseeda Collins, Loan Advisor
Christel Lopez, Loan Advisor
Devante Jenkins, Loan Advisor
Andrea Villafan, Loan Advisor
Darlicia Easton, Loan Servicing/QC Specialist