SavvyMoney Checkup

SavvyMoney Checkup, formerly Debt In Focus, is a FREE online tool that helps give you a clearer understanding of your financial health.

Savvy: Practical understanding; intelligence; or common sense
Checkup: An examination taken at regular intervals to verify a normal state of health.
SavvyMoney Checkup: An intelligent evaluation of your current financial health.

SavvyMoney Checkup takes a you through a 15 minute questionnaire to organize your information on income, debt, and expenses. The result is an easy to understand financial analysis that provides you with debt to income ratios, debt payment ratios, and budget analysis. You can then be provided strategies, products and/or contact with a DOLFCU representative for follow up.

SavvyMoney is the web’s best resource for people paying off debt.

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